About Me

Over the past 10 years, I have read countless self-help, motivational and inspirational books but it wasn’t until I started meditating that it all fell into place.

Over time, I learned to better understand my habits and coping mechanisms, discovered my strengths and weaknesses but most importantly maybe, I became aware of an inner wisdom that always stirred me in the direction that most benefited personal growth.

Growth is an inevitable side effect of meditation. Once our thoughts settle down, inspiration, peace and curiosity emerge. We want to know who we really are, what we’re here for or maybe more simply, find a sense of balance, a way to make it all work.

For me I guess it was all of those things and then some. After a lifetime of trying to please others (unsuccessfully I might add), I needed to figure out who I was. I wanted to define my core values and identify my strengths and weaknesses. I wanted to lead from example and be a better mother. I wanted to learn from the best and become who I was born to be.

4 years, many books and online courses later, my perspective and expectations have changed dramatically. But that’s not all. My quality of life, relationship with my children and peers has been profoundly transformed, and for all the skeptics out there, change is not only possible but it is a conscious decision.

However change comes at his own pace. It can neither be rushed nor forced. We can only ask for guidance, soak up knowledge and stay open to change. There are still (and always will be) ups and downs but they no longer feel like the terrifying roller coaster of old. My life has become the peaceful, re-assuring and nurturing environment I craved for as a child and the future is rich with possibilities.

Most of the material I studied over the years had a meditation or introspection component and all, without exceptions, helped me gained a different perspective. But most importantly, they gave me tools to help me stay grounded through it all.

I hope that the following articles and resources will help you fuel and sustain your own search for peace and fulfillment, and as always don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to share anything.

Much love: Sandrine