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After reading self-help books and meditating for 4 years, I realized that not only the relationship with my children had improved tremendously but the way I perceived the world was different. My daily practice was transforming me from the inside out. So I decided to build Everyone Can Meditate (a meditation repository website) in an effort to promote meditation. However, it didn’t take me long to recognize that I had more to say about inner growth than meditating. So I started Spiritual Digging to share my “aha moments” and the resources that helped me along the way.

But even though I felt really good about writing articles something was missing. I didn’t want to teach meditation. I didn’t want to charge for my services. In other words, I was focusing on what I didn’t want for the site (and for myself). For the next 8 months I kept developing the site at a slow pace, afraid to take risks. After feeling stuck in a dead zone for a while, I decided to contact my friend Lisa (who also happens to be a great life coach). The first thing Lisa asked me was: “What is your vision for the site?” and all the suddenly the pieces of the puzzle started falling into place.

I wanted to build a repository that would list the best self-growth resources, practitioners and courses out there. I wanted to create a community of self-growth enthusiasts that would share their wisdom and the teachings that helped them the most. I wanted to design a portal where everyone could find what they needed to help them on their journey regardless of sex, race or creed. I would contact other self-growth practitioners and encourage them to contribute to the site in exchange for free advertisement. Together, we would spread the word and make it easier for people to start (or continue) their inner journey.

But why would the world need another self-growth website you might ask? It is true that there is already plenty of available information out there. The real problem is finding it. Self-growth professionals tend to keep to themselves and are not always easy to find unless you already know who they are. And that’s the problem because self-growth is a non-linear journey that requires a wide variety of resources to support personal transformation. A good repository would cater to a wide audience by pooling great resources and enabling readers to focus on their growth instead of wasting time searching the net.

Spiritual Digging was designed with that intent in mind and is constantly evolving to reflect my ever emerging vision. I am extremely grateful for the writers / practitioners who are already enriching its content and encourage you to contact me if you would like to submit an article or contribute to the site’s growth in any way, shape or form. I believe that together we can build a great portal that will help many readers build a better life for themselves and those around them.

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