Reconnecting to Spirit

In his book the Alchemist, Paulo Coelho tells the story of a young man who travels to Egypt in search of a buried treasure. His journey takes him on a fantastical adventure where misfortune and luck flirt with destiny. Along the way, Santiago will discover his personal Legend and learn about the Soul of the world. But ultimately, he will realize that what he was searching for was much closer than he had expected (it’s vague, I know, but I don’t wanna spoil the book in case you decide to read it!)

Searching for Spirit is a bit like that. We read books, try different religious disciplines or persevere in the practices we were taught all the while wondering why we still feel lost. We search for the right teacher/guru/sensei/pastor to show us the way and help us find peace. But the answer is much closer to home than we would ever have thought possible. In fact we carry all the answers.

You see, I believe that we were born with a direct connection to Spirit. I believe that the Divine is part of each and every one of us. But our environment, upbringing and personal story build a wall around our heart that prevents us from hearing the whispers of our soul. We learn to speak, think, reason and use our brain to make sense of our world and help us decide what step we should be taking next. But what if this process was taking us away from our true self?

I decided to reconnect with my Spirit after my marriage fell apart and years of trying to make things better kept leading me in the wrong direction. We’ve all been there. We analyze the situation, think it through (or not), and act on it while ignoring the gut feelings that clearly tell us that it might be a huge mistake. But we forge along, hoping that we will get what we want. And sometimes we do, only to realize years down the road that what we wanted wasn’t in our best interest.

The problem with this approach is that we plan from our ego instead of our higher self. We decide what to do based on life experiences while being unaware of our true potential or purpose. We are spending so much time trying to conform to society’s expectations that we forget our God given right to happiness and fulfilment. Or maybe life is just trying to teach us how to reconnect to ourselves but we are too busy to see the clues.

To re-establish a connection with Spirit and live from our highest self, we must be willing to ask for help, surrender our need to control the outcome and pay attention. Sometimes the answer will pop in our mind, or we might come across a website that has the information we need.  This type of self-actualization is a long and organic process (we only learn as fast as we can handle it) but the growth and changes are permanent. One cannot unlearn the truth.

Here’s a simple exercise to help you reconnect to Spirit (and please feel free to replace this term with any word that best conveys the idea of a higher divine self for you).



Try the following exercise before going to sleep to re-establish a connection with Spirit:

  • Lay down
  • Listen to your favorite music or progressive relaxation audio track and relax every part of your body
  • Focus all you attention on relaxing and emptying your mind
  • Don’t worry if you catch yourself in the middle of a thought…just shift your attention back to the music or your breath
  • Right before going to sleep (or while you are relaxing if you  find yourself drifting of) ask for help

–          Dear (God, spirit, Mother, fill in the blank) help me become everything I can be\ help me be the highest version of myself\help me become who I was born to be –phrase it in a way the make sense to you but just keep it general enough  knowing that the divine will guide you towards your highest purpose –

  • Repeat this practice every night and hold that intention throughout the day


Listen to the following interview with Lisa for more about reconnecting with Spirit.

In the next article we will deepen our connection by practicing gratitude.

Much love: Sandrine

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