Shades of Women

A poem and Video by Kute Blackson


Dear woman,

You are light and it’s the nature of light to shine.
Like a rainbow, you contain the full spectrum of color. In you is every shade of existence. All shade of light and dark dance as your form.
Inside is is Mother. Sister. Lover. Daughter. Wild woman. Goddess. Priestess. Grandmother. And more.

We live in a culture that has suppressed so much of the feminine, and in doing so, we have also lost so much. I feel it’s part of the reason our world has gotten a little course.
For thousands of years, we have been afraid of your power…so vast like the ocean.
Love in motion.
Sometimes unpredictable. Constantly changing energy.
Suppressing a part of yourself only causes suffering.
The more you connect with, embrace and express the full range of your authentic feminine essence, the more alive you will be.
The more you embrace all of you, the more of you you have to give to the world.
The more we as humanity embrace the feminine within ourselves, the more the world comes into harmony.
So what parts of yourself have you suppressed?…Or disowned?
What shade is it time for you to reclaim?

Find out more about Kute’s work by visiting his website, the Man Breakthrough Experience, and YouTube Channel

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