Shame and Vulnerability

I will not even try to explain why it is so important to understand the role that shame and vulnerability play in our lives because this woman, Dr. Brene Brown, does it a million times better than I ever could. She is my go to gal every time I need to Continue Reading →

Being Reactive

Being reactive could be described as “those things we say and do in response to events and conversations”. Emotions are triggered, we react, and more often than not we have no control over what comes out. Being reactive can be very damaging to relationships (how many times have you said Continue Reading →

Reconnecting to Spirit

In his book the Alchemist, Paulo Coelho tells the story of a young man who travels to Egypt in search of a buried treasure. His journey takes him on a fantastical adventure where misfortune and luck flirt with destiny. Along the way, Santiago will discover his personal Legend and learn Continue Reading →


How did we become the person we are today? How did we develop our ego?  This might sound like a pretty dry subject to tackle but I strongly believe that we need to understand this process if we really want to know who we are. I had no idea, until Continue Reading →

Change is a process

Change, as anyone who ever tried to stop smoking or lose weight knows, is though. But it wasn’t until I read Changing For Good by James Prochaska that I began to understand why. You see, up to that point, I had no idea that change is achieved by going through Continue Reading →

Building Memories

Memories are the building blocks of our lives. We collect photo albums, remember weddings and anniversaries fondly. We hold on to the good ones and bury the bad ones. We feel nostalgic over the loss of our childhood (some of us anyway) or rehearse bad events to keep fueling our Continue Reading →