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 -A Bend in the Sidewalk-

While Idaho is considered the “Gem State,” its capital — Boise — is known as the “City of Trees.” An unapologetic tree-hugger, I adore living in one of the historic preservation districts where trees are worked around, instead of cut down. Take this sidewalk for example:

Laurie Pic 1

Talk about forward thinking! From my perspective, this is planning extraordinaire. Where tree roots might potentially cause a sidewalk to buckle, they swerve around the base, giving the roots a wide and healthy berth.

Even where trees sit much further back from the sidewalk, they take root growth into consideration.

Laurie Pic 2

And so it is in life. With forethought, we too can offer healthy growing space to people, places, things, events, ideas, and opportunities.

What have you made room for?


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  1. Meg Evans

    Hi Sandrine — I came here from Laurie’s blog and would like to compliment you on the well organized collection of uplifting resources you’ve put together here! Very nicely done. 🙂


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